Petrochemical Industry High Alumina Insulating Brick

1.Product introduction of high alumina insulating brick

High alumina insulating brick content are produced as a base material for high-quality furnaces, with the addition of suitable additives by mixed combustion. The products in question are characterized by high resistance, good thermal stability, small variations in insulating fibers, low thermal conductivity and considerable energy savings.

2. Features of high alumina insulating brick

High alumina insulation bricks are characterized by high resistance temperatures and high resistance to all types of atmospheric corrosion, strong thermal vibrations, good thermal insulation properties and considerable energy savings.

3. Applications of high alumina insulating brick

High alumina insulating bricks are widely used in gas furnaces for steel industry, household ceramics, building ceramics, glass, refractory, petrochemical, glass barrel coating, tunnel furnaces, roller furnaces, rotary furnaces, rotary furnaces, etc.

4. Parameters of high alumina insulating brick

Bulk Density (g/cm3)≤1≤0.9≤0.8≤0.7≤0.6
Cold Crushing strength (Mpa)≥3.92≥3.43≥2.94≥2.45≥1.96
Thermal Conductivity Coefficient (W/mk)≤0.45≤0.45≤0.35≤0.35≤0.3
Permanent Linear Change Rate (max 2%) (℃)14001400140013501350