Steel Industry High Alumina Refractory Ball

Product introduction of high alumina refractory ball

High alumina refractory balls are divided into ordinary fire balls and high aluminum fire balls. The refractory ceramic ball can withstand high temperature up to 1900 ℃, with high mechanical strength and long-term use. Strict raw material sorting, pellet stacking, iron removal, part of clinker and clay mixing, and ordinary fine grinding are important measures to improve and stabilize the quality of high alumina refractory pellets.

Features of high alumina refractory ball

High alumina fire resistant ball has the characteristics of high mechanical strength, long service life, good chemical stability, high temperature resistance, etc.

Applications of high alumina refractory ball

High alumina refractory balls are applicable to the selection of high alumina gas and sintered industrial stone, gas and combustion systems, especially the heat storage system of heating furnace, steelmaking industry and ladle air separation equipment. Large forging regenerative trolley, regenerative furnace, regenerative electric boiler, thermal storage and other industrial incinerators can also use the heat accumulator matched with nonferrous metal industrial electric furnace.

Parameters of high alumina refractory ball

ItemHigh aluminaLow creepMulliteCorundum
Refractoriness under load(°C)1450146015301650
Apparent Porosity(%)25232218
Bulk Density(g/cm3)
Cold crushing strength(Mpa)13143236
Thermal shock resistance
(1100°Cwater cooling) cycle ≥
Refractoriness(°C)171017501800 1800