Wear Resistance Alumina Silicon Carbide Brick

Brief introduction of alumina silicon carbide brick

Alumina silicon carbide brick is made of special high alumina bauxite and silicon carbide, mullite, etc. as the main raw materials, made by special sintering process, with high strength, wear resistance, small thermal conductivity, excellent heat vibration stability, in the process of use constantly form a protective layer, reduce caking and other characteristics.

Features of alumina silicon carbide brick

The working layer of aluminum silicon carbide brick has strong wear resistance, high erosion resistance, strong resistance to flaking, and should not hang kiln skin at high temperatures; the heat insulation layer has the characteristics of low thermal conductivity, which can achieve the dual function of reducing the carcass temperature, energy saving and consumption reduction, and can significantly extend the life of the rotary kiln, which is the ideal lining material for the cooling belt and transition belt of new dry process cement kiln.

Application of alumina silicon carbide brick

Alumina silicon carbide bricks are not only used in cement kilns, but also applied to kilns with higher requirements on operating temperature, wear resistance and thermal shock temperature, such as particle steel rotary kiln, magnesite incinerator, sintered mullite rotary kiln, etc.

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Parameters of alumina silicon carbide brick

ItemAlumina silicon carbide andalusiteAlumina silicon carbideAlumina silicon carbideAlumina silicon carbide 
Normal temperature compressive strength(MPa)≥90908580
Load softening temperature(T0.6℃)≥1680168016501550
Thermal shock (1100℃ water cooling). times15151010
Thermal conductivity (1100℃) (W.mk) ≤
Abrasion resistance coefficient (cc)