Ceramic Fiber Blanket with Heat Insulation

Product introduction of ceramic fiber blanket

Ceramic fiber blanket adopts special aluminum silicate ceramic fiber filament, which is formed by special double-sided needle punching process. After the double-sided needle punching process, the interweaving degree, inner layer performance, tensile strength and surface flatness of the fiber are greatly improved. The fiber blanket does not contain organic binder, which ensures that the ceramic fiber blanket has excellent manufacturability and stability at high and low temperatures.

Features of ceramic fiber blanket

Ceramic fiber blanket has low thermal conductivity, low heat capacity, excellent chemical stability, excellent thermal stability and seismic resistance, excellent tensile strength, excellent sound absorption, etc. It is the best of thermal insulation refractory materials.

Applications of ceramic fiber blanket

  1. High temperature thermal insulation for aerospace, steel, petrochemical, etc
  2. Fire protection and thermal insulation of military equipment
  3. Industrial furnace, heating device wall lining, back lining thermal insulation

More relevant refractory products: JM26 insulation brick

Parameters of ceramic fiber blanket

TypeCommonStandardHigh purityHigh aluminaZirconium containing
Classification temperature, ℃11001260126013601430
Service temperature, ℃<10001050110012001350
Bulk density, kg/m396-12896-12896-128128-160128-160
Permanent liner change, %-4-3-3-3-3
After 24 hours, Bulk density 128kg/m31000℃1000℃1100℃1250℃1350℃
Thermal conductivity under each section, 0.09(400℃)0.09(400℃)0.09(400℃)0.132(600℃)0.76(800℃)
w/m·k, Bulk density 128kg/m30.176(800℃)0.176(800℃)0.176(800℃)0.22(1000℃)0.20(1000℃)
strength of extension, Mpa, Bulk density 128kg/m30.08-0.120.08-0.120.08-0.120.08-0.120.08-0.12
Al2O3, %444647-4952-5539-40
Al2O3+SiO2, %96979999-
Al2O3+SiO2+ZrO2, %----99
ZrO2, %----15-17
Fe2O3, %<1.2<
Na2O+K2O, %≤0.5≤