High Alumina Refractory Castable

High alumina refractory castable is one of the unshaped refractories. It's made of refractory aggregate, refractory powder, binders and other additives, without fixed shape, high liquidity, casting and vibration molding. It can be used directly or used after adding appropriate water or other liquid. It's one of the new type refractory and doesn't need calcination.


1. High refractoriness, High refractoriness under load.
2. High density, low porosity.
3. Good slag resistance and corrosion resistance.
4. High strength and wear resistance.
5. Good resistance to flake performance.
6. Good thermal shock stability.
7. Scouring resistance.
8. Good hot strength.

Item A-45A-60A-70A-75A-80A-90
Dry Density, g/cm32.
Chemical, %Al2O3 ≥456070758090
Modulus of Rupture Mpa110℃×24h ≥58991012
 1500℃×3h≥8(1350℃)10 (1450℃×3h)--1215
Compressive Strength Mpa110℃×24h ≥304040454560
1450℃×3h ≥608080859085
Linear Dimensional Change After Fired(1500℃×3h)% ≤±0.5 1350℃×3h±0.5 1450℃×3h±0.5 1450℃×3h±0.5 1450℃×3h±0.5±0.5
Refractoriness, ℃171017401790179017901790
Working Temp, ℃ 145014501500155016001650