Fire Clay Bricks for Sale

Kerui SK30 SK32 SK34 SK35 fire clay bricks supplier, which have alumina content less than 48%, are generally applied to heating environment with temperature maximal around 1400°C. Commonly in kiln lining, boiler, incinerator, dryers, oven, etc. Customized shaped bricks are available upon customer's request.

We can supply you SK30, SK32, SK34, SK35 refractory clay bricks with factory price. The indicators of these products are shown in the table below.

Welcome to inquiry us about fire clay bricks price, size, index and anything you want to know.

Performance Characters:

  • Good resistance to corrosion and abrasion.
  • Perfect thermal shock resistance.
  • Good spalling resistance.
  • High mechanical strength.
  • Good volume stability under high temperature.

Main Application:

It is mainly used for carbon furnace, baking furnace, heating boiler, glass furnace, cement kiln, fertilizer gasification furnace, blast furnace, the hot blast stove, coking furnace, furnace, casting and casting steel, etc.

Al2O3% (≥)30353845
Fe2O3% (≤)2.52.522
Refractoriness underload, 0.2MPa, °C (≥)1250130013601420
Apparent porosity (%)22-2620-2420-2218-20
Bulk density (g/cm³)1.9-2.01.95-2.12.1-2.22.15-2.22
Cold crushing strength ,MPa (≥)40453040

Also, we have SK36, SK37, SK38, SK40 refractory high alumina bricks to choose. Their aluminum content is higher than fire clay bricks, and the use temperature is higher. If your kiln needs higher temperature and longer service life, suggest you choose refractory high alumina bricks. 

Standard size: 
230x114x65mm, special size and OEM service are provided, too.