Alumina Silica Brick Good Fire Resistance

Brief introduction of Alumina silica fire brick

Silicon bricks are acid refractory materials, with a silica content of 94% or more and an actual density of 2.38g/cm3. They are resistant to acid slag corrosion, high temperature, load softening temperature of 1620-1670 ℃, and will not deform under high temperature for a long time. 600 ° C or higher, usually without crystal transformation. Low temperature expansion coefficient. Higher thermal shock resistance.

Advantages of Alumina silica fire brick

Silicon brick has high purity, high strength, wear resistance, compactness, high thermal shock stability, good volume stability and low creep performance. It is widely used in glass melting furnace, coke oven, hot air furnace and other high-temperature thermal equipment. In particular, high-temperature thermal equipment can be repaired at will without ceasing fire.

Application of of Alumina silica fire brick

Silicon bricks are mainly used for partition of coke oven carbonization and combustion chamber, regenerative chamber and slag chamber of blast furnace, vault and uniform heating furnace, refractory of glass furnace and other bearing parts of ceramic furnace. It is also used for high temperature bearing parts of hot blast stove and the top of acid blast furnace.

Parameters of Alumina silica fire brick

SiO2, %, ≥969594
Fe2O3, %, ≤
Apparent porosity, %, ≤22(24)
Normal temperature compressive strength, MPa, ≥35(30)kg/pcs,<20Kg
30(25)kg/pcs, ≥20Kg
0.2MPa Load softening temperature, ≥166016501640(Colloidal silica1620)
True Density, g/cm3, ≤2.342.35