Refrcatory Corundum Brick for Petrochemical Industry

Product introduction of refactory corundum brick

The raw material of corundum brick is a kind of solid solution synthesized by alumina and chromium oxide according to a certain proportion through high temperature melting. The internal quality and high temperature performance of refractory brick can be improved by using special refractory material production technology.

Features of refractory corundum brick

Corundum brick has anti-acid, alkali chemical properties of slag, metal and glass molten body, it can be used in high temperature oxidation atmosphere, reducing atmosphere can receive good effect.

Applications of refractory corundum brick

Corundum brick is mainly used in ironmaking blast furnace and blast furnace hot blast furnace, outside steelmaking furnace refining furnace, sliding water device, glass furnace and petrochemical industry furnace.

Corundum bricks index:

ltemUltra Purity Corundum Brick99 Corundum Brick90 Corundum BrickCorundum-Mullite Brick
Bulk density, g/cm3≥3.25≥3.25≥3.1≥2.9
Apparent porosity, %≤18≤18≤18≤18
Cold crushing strength, MPa≥100≥100≥120≥120
Refractoriness under load, ℃(0.2MPa,0.6%)≥1700≥1700≥1700≥1700
Reheating linear change rate, %(1600℃ x 8h)-0.2-
Thermal expansion coefficient, x 10-6 (Room temp. to 1300'C)

Fused zirconium corundum brick index:

ltemAZS-33AZS-33 AZS-36AZS-36 AZS-41AZS-41
BD, PT.QX ≥3.403.303.453.403.553.50
BD, MS≤3.503.453.603.553.703.65
BD, WS≤3.603.553.703.653.803.75

Note: PT - ordinary pouring products; QX - inclined pouring products; MS - dense pouring products; Ws - keyless casting.

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