Our refractory products series for your kiln

Heavy brick--Aluminous silicon series

With Al2O3 content as the core index, the optional Al2O3 content is between 30% and 90% depending on the use temperature.

Use temperature: below 1700℃

Main raw material: high alumina bauxite aggregate

Production process: High-pressure pressing and molding + high-temperature firing.

Product characteristics: good compressive strength, wide applicability, high cost performance

Main applications: kiln lining, walls and other areas that need to bear weight and high temperature resistance

Lightweight brick--thermal insulation series

With body density as the core index, clay, high alumina and mullite brick insulation bricks are available according to different using temperatures.

Use temperature: below 1500℃

Main raw materials: clay, bauxite, mullite

Production process: spray molding + high temperature firing + cutting and forming

Product features: strong heat insulation capacity, low body density and low heat capacity

Main application: kiln thermal insulation layer

Unformed refractories

Bulk powder, flexible proportioning, strong adaptability, convenient construction, can meet the environmental conditions of a variety of complex parts of the kiln.

Use temperature: below 2000℃

Main raw materials: refractory aggregate, powder, binding agent, admixture, water or other liquid materials

Production process: crushing + microcomputer proportioning

Product features: hardening without heating, convenient construction, wide applicability

Main applications: kiln lining, walls and other complex structural parts

Shaped bricks--Customized products

Material and shape can be selected, customized according to the picture, divided into general and special shaped refractory bricks.

Use temperature: below 1700℃

Main raw materials: depending on the specific type of bricks

Production process: high-pressure compression molding (self-made mold) + high-temperature calcination

Product characteristics: appearance according to the drawing, complex shape and size, high construction requirements

Main applications: mainly used to meet the use of special kiln part of the refractory bricks

Alkaline material

With MgO content as the core index, choose the material with suitable material and brick shape according to different kilns.

Use temperature: below 1900℃

Main raw material: electrofused magnesium sand and sintered magnesium sand

Production process: high pressure pressing molding + high temperature calcination

Product characteristics: high strength, good slag resistance and high temperature performance, wide applicability, high cost performance

Main application: metal smelting furnace, rotary kiln, glass kiln