Lining Used Al Mg Refractory Castable

Product introduction of Al Mg refractory castable

The main raw materials of lining used magnesia refractory castable are fused magnesia and high purity magnesia, and the gel bonded magnesia castable is prepared by adding silica powder. The additives include alumina powder, chromium oxide powder, aluminum chromium slag, coke gem and silicon carbide fine powder.

Advantages of magnesia refractory castable

  • High fire resistance
  • Low thermal conductivity
  • High softening temperature under load
  • Resistance to alkaline metal and slag erosion

Application of magnesia refractory castable

Lining used Magnesia refractory castable can be widely used in metallurgical industry, petrochemical industry, ceramic furnace lining and other high temperature thermal equipment.

Parameters of magnesia refractory castable

 Item AMC-70AMC-80AMC-85AMC-95
ω(Al2O3+MgO)/% ≥ 70808595
Bulk density(110℃×24h after drying)/(g/cm³) ≥
Normal temperature compressive strength, MPa110℃×24h after drying ≥20   
 1000℃×3h after firing ≥30   
 Test temperature×3h after firing ≥ 50(1500℃)50(1550℃)60(1550℃)60(1600℃)
Heating permanent line change, %Test temperature×3h -0.5~+1.5