Heat Insulation Ceramic Fiber Paper

Product description of ceramic fiber paper

Ceramic fiber paper (aluminum silicate fiber paper) is made of aluminum silicate refractory fiber plus a small amount of scientific selection and strict control of the binder production. The binder will burn off completely during use. Ceramic fiber paper on the basis of the traditional process to improve the slag and drying process, its characteristics are no asbestos, fiber distribution uniform, white color, no delamination, less slag ball (four centrifugal slag removal), volume weight according to the use of flexible adjustment, strength (including reinforced fiber), good elasticity, strong mechanical processing.

Features of ceramic fiber paper

  • Sound insulation: high noise reduction coefficient.
  • Fire protection: Maintain full shape and size after a large fire.
  • High temperature resistance: there are two kinds of temperature resistance: 1260 and 1400℃.
  • Heat insulation: can effectively prevent or slow down heat transfer, 800℃ thermal conductivity can be as low as 0.12w/(m.k).

Parameters of ceramic fiber paper

TypeKRp1KRp2USA  LydallGermany RATH
Service Temperature, ℃600~120010001000, 14001000, 1400
B.D, kg/m3180~220180~22096~14496~144
Organic Content, %4~86~888.5
Thickness, mm0.5~61~20.8~6.40.8~6.4
Max. Width, mm1220122018301220

Application of ceramic fiber paper

  • Thermal short-circuit insulation
  • A gasket at molten metal
  • Insulating (sinter resistant) material
  • Blunt section of a household heating unit
  • Heat-resistant materials in vehicles (mufflers and exhausts, heat shields)