Good Fire Resistance Ceramic Fiber Cloth

What is the ceramic fiber cloth

Ceramic fiber cloth is used for spinning ceramic fiber and a certain proportion of organic fiber, lined with glass fiber (steel wire), and then woven into fabric. The general specification and model of ceramic fiber cloth: 1.5mm-6mm, and the general width is 1m, which is divided into (nickel chromium alloy wire reinforcement, stainless steel wire reinforcement, glass fiber reinforcement, ceramic fiber coating cloth, ceramic fiber slag cloth, ceramic fiber sintering cloth, ceramic fiber fumigation cloth).

What do the best ceramic fiber cloth looks like

  • Low and high temperature resistance
  • Non toxic, harmless, no adverse impact on the environment
  • High temperature resistance, low heat conduction, thermal shock resistance, low heat capacity
  • Resistance to penetration of nonferrous metals such as aluminum and zinc

Parameters of ceramic fiber cloth

Size,mmGradesGSMTemperature, ℃
1.5 SpecialMetallic10001200

Application of ceramic fiber cloth

  • Various ovens, high-temperature pipes and insulated containers
  • Thermal insulation of motor and instrument, coating material of flame retardant cable, high temperature flame retardant material
  • Doors, valves, flange seals, fire doors and fire shutter materials, sensitive curtains for high temperature oven doors