Electric Arc Furnace Magnesia Aluminum Spinel Brick

Product Description of magnesia aluminum spinel brick

Magnesia aluminum spinel brick is the main raw material of pure magnesia and synthetic magnesium priscela. The refractory raw material is obtained by artificial synthesis. The raw material is rarely present in nature and crystalline magnesium stone for industrial use is completely synthetic.

Features of magnesia aluminum spinel brick

  • High temperature resistance
  • Strong peeling ability
  • Good slag resistance
  • Good abrasion resistance

Parameters of magnesia aluminum spinel brick

MgO,  %≥82
Al2O3  %13-15
Fe2O3  %≤0.8
Bulk Density,(g/cm3)≥2.98
Apparent Porosity,  %≤17
Cold Crushing Strength,  MPa≥60
Refractoriness Under Load, °C, [0.2MPa×0.6%]≥1700
Thermal Shock Resistance, Times,  [1100°C, water-cooling]≥15
Refractoriness, °C≥1800

Application of magnesia aluminum spinel brick

Magnesia-alumina spinel bricks are mainly used for good refractory products in the lining of steel nickel furnace and aluminum smelting furnace in non-ferrous metal smelting furnace, furnace cover, lining of steel holding drum, lining of refining vacuum treatment device outside steel smelting furnace, lining of high temperature zone of cement calciner, regenerator of steel smelting open hearth and checker brick of glass furnace heating chamber.