Alumina Corundum Mullite Bricks for Rotary Kiln

1.Product description of Alumina corundum mullite bricks

Mullite brick is a high-quality aluminum refractory product, with the alumina content of about 65%~75%. Mullite bricks are mainly made of mullite, which are fired at high temperature and formed under high pressure. Mullite brick has the advantages of high temperature resistance, chemical and mechanical corrosion resistance, thermal shock resistance, etc.

2. Application of Alumina corundum mullite bricks

Because of its excellent characteristics, alumina corundum mullite bricks are often used in petrochemical industrial furnaces, gasifiers, large-scale fertilizer equipment, and ultra-high temperature furnaces and linings above 1600 ℃.

3. Parameters of Alumina corundum mullite bricks

ItemCorundum Brick 99Corundum Brick 90Mullite Corundum Brick
Al2O3 %≥99≥90≥80
SiO2 %≤0.2≤8≤18
Fe2O3 %≤0.2≤0.2≤0.3
Bulk Density g/cm3≥3.2≥3.0≥2.8
Apparent porosity %≤19≤18≤18
Cold compressive strength MPa≥100≥100≥100
(0.2Mpa,0.6%)Load softening began to temperature °C≥1700≥1700≥1700