Magnesia Fire Brick for Glass Furnace

Product introduction of Magnesia fire brick

Magnesia fire brick is an alkaline refractory with magnesium oxide content of more than 90% and magnesite as the main crystalline phase. It is fired at high temperature of 1550~1650℃.

Features of Magnesia fire brick

Generally, the load-softening starting temperature of magnesia fire brick is between 1520~1600℃, while high purity magnesium brick can reach 1800℃. Magnesia fire brick has high thermal conductivity, second only to carbon brick and silicon carbide brick in refractory products, and it decreases with the increase of temperature.

Applications of Magnesia fire brick

Magnesia fire brick is widely used in steelmaking furnace lining, iron alloy fiber cable furnace in iron and steel industry, non-ferrous metallurgy industry furnace lining, building materials industry furnace, glass industry furnace body, high temperature calcination kiln, shaft kiln, tunnel kiln and other refractory industry.

Parameters of Magnesia fire brick

MgO, % ≥91929394.597
SiO2, % ≤43.52.522
Fe2O3, % ≤1.3--1.21.2
CaO, % ≤2.52.521.81.8
Apparent Porosity, % ≤1818181818
Bulk Density, g/cm3 ≥2.862.92.952.922.95
Cold Crushing Strength Mpa, ≥6060506060
0.2Mpa Refractoriness
Under Load T0.6 ℃
Thermal Shock Resistances 100 ℃ water cycles≥18≥18≥18≥18≥18